What is an Allergy Doctor?

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An allergy doctor or sometimes called an allergist or immunologist is a doctor who specialises in treating and assessing allergies. An ordinary doctor or general practitioner can acquire the skills to treat allergies if they take a special interest in this field and study to specialise in this certain field of medicine. Other specialty doctors can look at allergy patients when they are called in for a consult. A dermatologist might be asked by the immunologist to treat skin reactions brought about by allergies.

The study of the immune system is closely related to the study of allergies because allergies are a result of your immune system trying to fight off allergens in your body. So that’s why an immunologist and allergist can be the same doctor. You can go to any of them for treatment for your allergies. Many other doctors are also qualified to treat allergies and their symptoms. Your paediatrician, primary doctor, dermatologist, pulmonologist are all capable of treating allergic reactions.

Other doctors might need to undergo special training before they can cure your allergies; they will have to study and train in what allergists and immunologists have to do before being called an allergy doctor. They have to pass a special exam designed to check their knowledge in the field. After passing this exam, immunologists are then given certifications as license for them to practice. Doctors who specialise in allergies and the immune system are more capable of understanding and treating your allergies.

Your primary doctor might recommend that you see an immunologist to treat your allergies when he feels that you need more serious help. He can refer you to a known immunologist and once you visit an allergist you will have to go to him/her often to follow up on your situation. Your immunologist should remain in contact with your primary doctor to discuss your health and treatment. When you are relieved of your allergies then you know you went to the right doctor. You will notice a big change to your overall performance; you don’t have to be afraid of trying new things because of your allergies. You will carry out your daily activities with ease and you will be able to enjoy a normal life. When you are all cured, then you know that your immunologist has done a great job.

Finding an allergist might be a challenging job, but there are a few things that you can do to find a good immunologist. You can check your directories, you can start in the white pages and then you can check the yellow pages under physicians. The yellow pages will give you a specialised field and you can look under “Allergy and Immunology”. It is better to get a doctor who has a good reputation and a board certification to be sure of your cure.